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 Getting The Right Prom Dress

Prom Tuxedo

Going to a formal event like the prom doesn't mean you should go boring. A little of your own personal style should always be evident in any formal wear that you wear. And this goes for tuxedos as well. The majority of tuxedo shirts have French cuffs, which ultimately means that you will need to buy cuff links. Consider a cane or top hat to complete your image if you really are the type of person that likes to get attention.

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These popular accessories not only add style to your outfit, but also give your outfit personality. Always look for the latest prom tuxedo fashions. From classic conservative to fashion forward, always shop around for the latest tuxedo styles.

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Remember also that good alternative to buy your prom tuxedo is to rent your tuxedo. There are a number of tuxedo rental companies through the country and you are sure to find a tuxedo rental place and formal wear accessories shop near you.

Tuxedos come in many fabrics and color. Make sure that you match your tuxedo to your date's prom dress. Shopping for men's formal wear has never been easier. Matching a prom dress and tuxedo is not a difficult task. While modern prom etiquette may not require a coordinating prom dress and tuxedo, you will want your tux to compliment your date's gorgeous prom dress. Some of the most popular prom tuxedos for this year are made by famous designers like Ecko, Ralph Lauren, Jean Yves, and Fubu. Prom season is the busiest season for tuxedo shops. Reserve your tuxedo two to four weeks prior to the prom.

Also consider your tuxedo vest and tie selection. There are new colors which include coral, pale pink, lime green, turquoise, aqua, sky blue, Raisin, purple, silver, platinum and brown which can help in your quest to match your date's prom dress. If your date plans to wear a red prom dress then a red tie and cummerbund is the perfect choice for you. The cummerbund is the article of clothing that fits over the waist of the pant. Ties come in a many styles, with the two most basic styles being the straight and bow-tie. The bow-tie is considered to be the more traditional of the two styles, with the straight tie having a more contemporary vibe. A black cummerbund and tie are always a classic, yet sophisticated look.

You and your Date should be involved in the tux selection process. Ok girls, before helping your guy begin his search for a prom tuxedo you must first consider your prom dress. Take not only the color into consideration, but also the fabric. Is it beaded, jeweled? For example, if your prom dress is trendy and stylish, make sure that you choose the most modern tuxedo style for your date. Many formal dress and tuxedo shops specialize in coordinating formal prom dresses to tuxes. Service is important when renting a prom tuxedo and talking to a prom rental shop. A tux shop should be courteous and helpful and should also suggest tuxedos and tuxedo accessories that will suit you. Make sure to look them up if you are having trouble matching your prom dress to your prom date's tux.



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